As a retired Army veteran, my word means everything to me.  I want you to feel comfortable with your choice and know that I will have you and your family's best interests in mind. Your home inspection is important.  Take your time, look around and find out how Adair Inspections can provide you with peace of mind by giving you an inspection that is clear, concise and understandable.  We treat your home as if was our own and strive to provide you with service you can depend on.  Thank you for visiting and feel free to contact

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My Promise

  Choosing the right home inspector can be difficult. Unlike most professionals you hire, you probably won’t meet me until your inspection appointment--after you've hired me. Furthermore, different inspectors have varying qualifications, equipment, experience, reporting methods, and pricing. One thing that’s certain is that a home inspection requires a lot of work. Ultimately, a thorough inspection depends heavily on the individual inspector’s effort. If you honor me by allowing me to inspect your home, I guarantee that I will give you my very best. You will always be welcome to attend the inspection and go through it with me.  This way, you have first hand knowledge of what was viewed and its condition.  This is my promise to you.  

Christopher Adair

What Really Matters


About Me

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Certified Home Inspector

My certification comes from the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors or InterNACHI.  InterNACHI is the only training  recognized by the U.S. Dept. of Education.  As members, we follow strict rules of conduct and  Standard Operating Procedures to ensure you receive the best inspection possible.  

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Noticing the Little Things

Little things can easily become big things if you don't have a complete inspection done.  That's why it is so important to choose a home inspector who has current qualifications from a reputable certification organization like the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors. That's why our home inspections are so thorough.

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Be Confident In Your Property

Components fail, its a fact of life.  But knowing something is wrong before you buy can help you make the best decisions possible.  Just because something has failed or needs replacement does not mean that the house is in bad shape.  I will explain anything I find to you so that you have a complete understanding of your inspection.

Questions About Inspections?



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From the roof to the foundation, your home inspection will  make sure all exterior components covered are in place and functional to secure your house from the elements.


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The interior components will be checked and evaluated for functionality as part of your home inspection.  These items include switches, outlets, windows, doors, walls, ceilings and plumbing to name a few.


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Our home inspections check systems of your house such as the water heater, furnace, air conditioner, sump pump and circuit breaker panel for proper operation and to see if there are any noticeable faults.


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To get a free quote, or if you have questions, just call, text or email.  I look forward to serving you!

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